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37 km
Chateau Bečov nad Teplou

Chateau Bečov nad Teplou

32 km
Krásný Dvůr castle

6 km
Spa Jáchymov

T.G.Masaryka 415, Jáchymov; Spa Jachymov; Treatment with radon water. Therapeutic and relaxing spa, wellness.

32 km
Aquasvět Chomutov

Chomutov; Mostecká 5887; Sports swimming pool, a recreational swimming area with a freeform swimming pool with attractions (wild river, massage jets, swinging pool, massage benches and beds with bubbles, climbing net, wall of water, bubbly geyser, water bell, waterfalls, water cannon), whirlpool, children's wading pool with a slide, two water slides, sandwich bar; open daily.

48 km
Aquapark Aquadrom Most

Topolová 801, 43401 Most; Aquadrom offers complete relaxation. It is wheelchair accessible and provides partial services in the field of wellness. In the roofed indoor swimming pool are four separate pools. In the summer season Aquadrom Outside has opened with three stainless steel basin. All three outdoor pools are heated separately, but the temperature of the water depends mainly on the weather. They range ° C 24-28 Pools are with attractions: water castle, massage benches, water cannons, children's attractions and water slides.

35 km
Indoor swimming pool Sokolov

Sokolov, Husovy sady 1813; pool, whirlpool, water slide, children's pool, a steam room, sauna.

32 km
Swimming pool Krásný Dvůr

Krásný Dvůr; Summer swimming pool

37 km
Swimming pool Koupaliště

Podbořany; Valovská 882; denně 10-20 (červen-září)

39 km
Swimming pool Žatec

Žatec, Bílý vrch; Summer swimming pool; Pool, water slide, children's pool, snack.

9 km
Swimming pool Perštejn

Perštejn, Hlavní; Summer Swimming pool Perštejn.

20 km
Swimming pool Kadaň

Kadaň, Na Průtahu 1855; Swimming pool, diving pool, paddling pool, playground and snack bar.

34 km
Natur swimming pool Michal Sokolov

Sokolov, Jezerní 2156; Natural swimming pool with a long sandy beach - thanks this beach the water reservoir is called the Sokolov-sea. There is paddling pool, water slides and many water attractions, playground for children, volleyball court, tennis court, mini golf, table tennis at disposal.

13 km
Aquapark Klášterec nad Ohří

Klášterec nad Ohří, U koupaliště 1; Swimming pool with water attractions, water slides, whirpool, snack bar. In operation Mai-September (depends on weather).

11 km
Swimming pool Ostrov

Ostrov, Hlavní tř. 1221; Swimming pool, wading pool, water slide, grassy area for sunbathing, beach volleyball, snack bar.

22 km
Golf Resort Karlovy Vary

Pražská 219; 18 normovaných jamek

31 km
Zoopark Chomutov

Chomutov, Přemyslova 259; Open daily.

22 km
Lookaut tower Diana Karlovy Vary

Diana Observation Tower Karlovy Vary; Monumental brick observation tower with a roofed wooden gallery.

4 km

14 km
Ski area Pernink

2 km
Ski area Klínovec

37 km
Castle Bečov nad Teplou

Castle Bečov nad Teplou

21 km
Town Karlovy Vary

The spa town of Karlovy Vary

32 km
Krásný Dvůr golf

3 km
Boží Dar ski

34 km
Bublava ski

7 km
Jáchymov ski

35 km
Kraslice ski

48 km
Indoor swimming pool SPORTaS Litvínov

Litvínov, Ukrajinská 2051; Swimming pool, diving tower, steam cabins. Open daily.

22 km
Swimming pool KV aréna Karlovy Vary

Západní 1812/73, Karlovy Vary; Indoor swimming pool, children's pool, water slide, whirpool, massage benches and jets; sauna. Outdoor swimming pool, children's pool and a paddling pool with a slide.

21 km
Natural swimming pool Areál Rolava Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, Čankovská; Rolava is a place for sports and relaxation. In the fenced area you can find a natural swimming pool with sandy beaches, in-line track and some playgrounds for children. Free entry, no dogs.

30 km
Ruins of the castle and lookout tower Hartenštejn

Bochov; Ruins of the castle are open all year round, lookout tower Karlovarská věž only from April to October.

21 km
Spa Karlovy Vary

Spa Karlovy Vary. The largest concentration of natural springs in the world. Therapy, relaxation, wellness.

3 km
Ore Mountains and landscape

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