About us

Who we are?

We have over 30 years of successful experience in the branch of holiday home rentals. We started as a Dutch company in 1990 with the offer of holiday villas in the Czech Republic, where our customers came mainly from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the UK. Over the years, however, this Dutch company has transformed into a growing Czech company that specializes in offers of a high-quality products. We rent hundreds of homes in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia and present them on four websites with different language mutations​​. Most of our customers come from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany and other European countries, but also residents from other parts of the world have found their way to the beautiful Czech Republic and our product.

Why choose us for your vacation ?

Safety first.

First, our customers can rest assured that the rent for one of our cottages is a good, safe and secure investment. Before deciding to trust your money to an unknown tour operator, ask yourself if it really is a reliable travel company, or just a “mediator”. Otherwise, there is often a risk that after receiving his commission such an enterprise forwards the customer only to the owner of the home and all possible defects and risks are inherited to the customer or the owner of the property. Such companies then don’t bear any responsibility. Unfortunately, such practices are legal in the Czech Republic. Our company would never resort to such practices and You can be sure that your desired holiday home you paid for is free, suitable for living and is ready for your arrival.

Controlled accommodation

Agency InterBohemia s.r.o. is one of the few Czech and foreign travel agencies, which visited and inspected all our rentals. We only publish houses we have personally visited. We know all the owners personally and attain a friendly business relationship together. Even in the age of advanced technologies, we describe all our homes individually, as we have seen it, and we describe the impressions the homes left in us. We will not resort to the help of simple descriptions with keywords that are easy to introduce into the system, but describe the houses in detail and personally and that in all four languages. The same applies to our extensive photo documentation that we create for each house. In addition, we register carefully any changes to the equipment and facilities of the houses. With us, you always know what to expect and never buy blindly.

Availability and periods at first glance

We keep a calendar with current availability for each home. So you can at first glance see if your dream home is still available in your holiday and if you can book it immediately. No extensions and long waits.

Excellent prices and the best price-performance ratio

Agency InterBohemia s.r.o. offers the best rents cottages and our commission is in comparison to other agencies in the Czech Republic and abroad one of the lowest! Most homeowners rent their homes for higher prices than on our site. How did we do this, of course, is our trade secret, you can compare the prices yourselves!


Agency InterBohemia s.r.o. helps its customers (if you want) with a complete travel insurance for all participants in the entire holiday in one of our accommodations at a great price!

Modern and useful website

Clear website with advanced search parameters. Recently, we have prepared also different themed stays for you, so that can several topics in our online catalog and the search thus becomes easier.

We hope you enjoy the unrivaled advantages of our agency and that we can soon welcome you in the club of our satisfied customers.

Your team Agency InterBohemia s.r.o.

Information related to the spread of Covid-19

With effect from 3 December 2020, short-term rental of real estate is permitted in compliance with other relevant government regulations.