1. Conditions

    Terms and conditions

    Terms and conditions of Agency InterBohemia s.r.o.providing tourist stays hereby regulate the contractual relations between the customer (individual or legal entity) and the travel agency Agency InterBohemia s.r.o.(to referred as “IB”) to comply with the current valid legislation of the Czech Republic and therefore are binding for all parties involved.

    Subtopic 1 – introductory provisions

    IB provides the agency service to all customers. Persons under the age of 18 years are only allowed to use the services when accompanied by a person, or persons, older than 18 years of age.
    The contractual relations between the IB and the customer is established by a written order from which is considered propely completed the „order form“.
    The customer who has completed the order form and has made the order is responsible  for the contractual obligation of all interested parties throughout the stay.

    Subtopic 2 – rental period

    Period from the start of May until the end of October is considered as the summer season.During the high season (July, August), the rental period can not be less than a week (Saturday to Saturday). Shorter stays are only available in a low season period (May, June, September, and October). Ask at the office.
    Period from the start of November until the end of April is considered a winter season. New Year’s Eve, Christmas, February and March are also considered as the main season. The other winter terms are considered as the low season stays. Winter holidays (New Year’s Eve, Christmas) may have special terms.
    The beggining of the rental periode starts on a day of arrival between 3pm and 6pm and finishes the day of departure up to 10am.

    Subtopic 3 – order and payment regulations

    All stays can be ordered by an e-mail, in writing, by fax or in person. The  current state of occupancy is avilable on the website. In the event, that the requested property is avilable, IB sends an invoice with all the payment conditions set for the stay. The first instalment is 50% of the total price and must be paid, together with the booking fee, within 3 working days from the date of invoice onto IB´s bank account. Note, that it is neccessary to meet the deadline for the payment because only after the first installment has been credited to the IB, the property will be bindingly booked. If the first installment is not paid up to a date specified on the invoice, IB considers the cancelation and the property will be returned back into the offer  for other customers.
    By paying the first installment, the order becomes binding and the customer is thereby obliged to comply with the IB terms and conditions. After paying the total amount from the price,   maximum 8 weeks (56 calendar days) befote the commencement of stay, the customer is issued a “voucher” (accommodation coupon) and a  way description to the property, possibly other relevant information so that the customers have all this at their disposal no later than 15 days before their stay.
    If the total amount for the stay has not been paid until the required deadline, the cancellation charge is applied.

    Subtopic 4 – accommodation price

    Total amount of the accommodation price are set by the attractivness of the building and its surroundings attraction, property equipment and requirements of the building owner. The prices stated in the online catalog are normaly set for the object and week, specifying the maximum number of persons for the individual property. All the prices include the IB commission, booking fee of 30 EUR is not included in the price.
    Prices do not include:

    • transport and parking expenses
    • booking fee of 30 EUR
    • travel and trip cancellation insurance fee in the amount of 25 EUR per stay while all the passengers are insured (mandatory). This rate applies to persons with permanent residence outside the Czech Republic.
    • local municipal fee from the accommodation
    • price for consumption of electricity, gas, possibly alternative fuels consumed
    • pet accommodation fee (if required by the lessor)
    • pet accommodation fee of € 20,- (if required by the lessor)

    Subtopic 5 – Travel and cancellation-insurance

    To stays in Czech republic and Slovakia

    AIB provides to all clients, travel and cancellation insurance, and always for the entire group during their stay. The insurance is arranged by UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., which has extensive experience with the realization of travel insurance. The insurance is mandatory, the amount below is added to the total amount for the lease and will be due to be paid at the same time as the deposit for accommodation.
    The tenant declares to be aware and agree with the 
    terms and conditions for travel insurance from UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s. as well as insurance of cancellation fees for clients of AIB, with the contract tenor and with the amount of the insurance for the individual types of insurance. Furthermore, he agrees that the insurance company will be provide and process the personal details according to the law nr.101/2000 Coll. relating to the protection of personal and discrete data as part of insurance, all throughout the contract period.

     The agreement includes the insurance coverage up to a maximum insured amount (per person) for stays:

     A /Forpeople livingand having the medical insurancein the Czech Republic:

    1)for travel tothe Czech Republic:

    • Accidental death insurance up to CZK 50.000
    • permanent disability insurance up to CZK 100.000
    • liability insurance for damage to health or the things of a third party up to CZK 1.000.000
    • trip cancellation insurance – 80% from the cancellation fee up to 15.000 CZK

    Territorial validity of the insurance applies only to insured events that occurred in the Czech Republic during the lease terms (from the date of arrival 00 hours up to the day of departure 24 hours).
    Insurance: CZK 199 for a group and stay.

    2) In Slovakia:

    • medical expenses insurance and assistance services up to CZK 2.000.000
    • accidental death insurance up to CZK 50.000
    • permanent disability insurance up to CZK 100.000
    • liability insurance for damage to health or the things of a third party up to CZK 1.000.000
    • trip cancellation insurance – 80% from the cancellation fee of up to CZK 15.000
    • Insurance: CZK 199 for a group and stay

    3)outside the Czech Republicand Slovakia within Europe:

    • medical expenses insurance and assistance services up to CZK 2.000.000
    • accidental death insurance up to CZK 150.000
    • permanent disability insurance up to CZK 300.000
    • liability insurance for personal injury or third party things up to CZK 1.000.000
    • baggage insurance up to CZK 10.000
    • trip cancellation insurance  80% from the cancellation fee of up to CZK 10.000
    • Insurance: CZK 499 for a group and stay

    B/ Forpersons withpermanentresidenceand health insuranceoutside the Czech Republic:

    The negotiated insurance includes insurance coverage up to policy limit (per person) to stay in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

    • medical expenses insurance and assistance services up to CZK 2.000.000
    • accidental death insurance up to CZK 150.000
    • permanent disability insurance up to CZK 300.000
    • liability insurance for damage to health or the things of a third party up to CZK 1.000.000
    • trip cancellation insurance – 80% from the cancellation fee of up to CZK 15.000 As a bonus for stays in Slovakia the insurance coverage is added for luggage insurance in the amount of CZK 10.000(without increasing of the insurance).

    Insurance: CZK 499 for a group and stay.


    At every occurrence the traveller must discuss any damage with the company Ageny InterBohemia. Then without any hesitation it is necessary to send a completed form “Claim notification form to the address:  Agency InterBohemia s.r.o, Lannova třída 10, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czech republic.
    Compensation is always done under the conditions
     for travel insurance of UNIQALink to the general conditions of the insurance company UNIQA.

    Agency InterBohemia s.r.o. acts in the insurance as a mediator between the passenger and UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s. and is not responsible for the (in timeclaim, as well as for the fulfilling of the coverage.

    Subtopic 6 – accommodation instructions

    The stay of the rent starts on the arrival day (Saturday) between 3pm and 6pm. The time interval must be met otherwise we can not guarantee the property to be handover and the cancelation fee is applied. During the handover the property lessor, or  the alternate, will presents the property and its inventory to the customer and the key is given.The lessor is eligible to require a deposit to the maximum amount of 150 EUR (unless otherwise stated). For groups of more than 4 persons in age up to 28 the deposit in the amount of 100 EUR per person is required
    Bedlinen is  included (unless otherwise mentioned in the property description).  Towels and kitchen towels are to be taken by clients themselves.
    Only persons listed on the voucher are allowed to be accommodated in the rented property and the maximum number allowed for each individual property is not to be exceeded. This also applies to the land which belongs to the premises. If the number of the persons accommodated on the premises is exceeded, the lessor or the alternate has the right to cease the stay immediately and with no further compensation.
    If pets are allowed, it is then always ment only one pet (eg. dog). Accommodating more than one is always subject previous agreement. Pet fee is applied and is paid directly to the lessor. Charging amount is 20 EUR per pet per week. The requirement regarding pet accommodation must always be mentioned on the order form.
    Note that at some properties, the well is the only source of water (sometimes utility water only) and especially on hot summer days it is necessary to save water. The properties are always equipped according to the taste and financial ability of the individual lessors. Stairs leading to the attic rooms may sometimes be very steep and the attic itself often has a bevelled ceilings.
    Swimming pools, that are available at some properties, are usually run in June, July, August, and September.
    During the stay, it is necessary to respect the “house rules” of the individual property, that are set by the lessor. Following general rules are to be respected at all properties:

    • not to move any furniture and its´ parts inside or outside the property
    • lock the front door properly when leaving
    • save water and energy
    • take reasonable care of the used property
    • respect the silence hours from 10pm until 7am
    • keep the order, collect the litter into a designated place

    The property is to be abandond clean and tidy on Saturdays by 10am. The lessor is entitled to check the state of the property and its equipment and if everything is in order, the customer gets the deposit paid back.

    Subtopic 7 – cancellation terms

    a. Stay cancelled by the customer
    Customer can only cancel their order in writing and totaly unambiguous form (letter, fax, e-mail). The crucial point of the acceptance considers IB the day of delivery. Any notifications recieved after the business hours (3.30pm to 7.30) of a weekday are considered to be accepted on the following day.
    If the customer cancels a binding order, the cancellation fee is applied by IB. The amount is rated in dependence to the time remaining until the start of the stay (first day is not included), as follows:

    • 42 and more days befor the departure – 30 % of the full price
    • 42 – 28 days before the departure – 50 % of the full price
    • 28 and less days before the departure – 100 % of the full price

    If the client arranges an alternate, cancellation fee is not applied. If the cancellation is recieved more than 42 days before the departure, IB will refund  the appropriate amount of the price.  Booking fee is not to be refunded.
    b. Stay cancelled by IB
    IB is entitled to cancel the stay if any serious or unpredictable situations occur (i.e. natural disaster, calamity or other unexpected events) for which is not possible to provide the accommodation. In this case, IB offers the customer an adequate alternate property within their possibility. If  IB is unable to offer an adequate alternative, or the customer refuses the alternative offered, IB is obliged to refund the paid amount. Customer has no right to require any further compensation.

    Subtopic 8 – changes in the order

    No fee is applied for changes i.e. change of the customers’ name, number of persons accommodated (if  not exceeded the maximum number of persons for the property), the additional demand for a pet accommodation or child bed, is free of charge.
    There is a charge of 30 EUR for changing the property or date of stay. These changes are only possible until the total amount is fully covered – that is latest 8 weeks (56 days) before the departure.

    Subtopic 9 – liability for damages

    The customer uses the rented property at their own risk. IB is not responsible for any injuries, destructions or damages of the property (liability for injury or damages on property caused to a third party), loss or theft of the property, or damages caused by natural disasters, terrorist attacks, strikes, violent behaviour of all kind etc.
    Customer is fully responsible for any damage occurred on the premises and its equipment caused by them or any other persons accommodated. Customer is obliged to report and pay any caused damages to the lessor or housekeeper (not later than on a day of the departure).

    Subtopic 10 – complaints

    Customer has the right to claim any deficiencies or defects found on the property with the lessor or his alternate responsible for the property and its conditions.  These includes the failure of technical facilities (utilities, water, heating supplies) and/or property  amenities contrary to offer. The lessor or the alternate is obliged without any delay to rectify the situations, otherwise the customer is entitled to claim a discount at the departure. It is necessary to make a record allowing both parties to make statement. Complaints which are not solved on the place of stay must be reported to IB in writing within five days from the end of stay at the latest, otherwise they won´t be taken into consideration.
    IB has no effect and therefore is not responsible for any sporting, relaxing or cultural opportunities in the area sourrounding, working hours and quality of the services provided in these facilities. This also applies for shops and restaurants. The information refferd in a property descriptions has only informative character.

    Subtopic 11 – final arrangements

    I agree with receiving commercial messages on my e-mail address specified in the booking order of stay (the commercial messages are sent maximally 6x a year)

    These terms and conditions shall take effect on 1.9.2010.  The customer hereby agree that they have read and fully understood the Genaral Conditions and to confirm it they sign the order sheet and send the booking fee and the first instalment, of the total price, onto the IB bank account.

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