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Information related to the spread of Covid-19

Dear customers,
the state of emergency declared by the government of the Czech Republic will end on 17 May 2020. However, even after that date, certain restrictive restrictions will remain in place in order to reduce the rate of spread of Covid-19.

For us, the permanent closure of borders, or the probability of their reopening in the normal regime, is decisive. Currently, the government of the Czech Republic is trying to agree on certain conditions for the possibility of travel and arrival of foreign tourists within countries, where the disease is same or less widespread, such as within the Czech Republic (Slovakia, Austria, Croatia).

However, the exact form of opening the borders is not known yet, as well as the possible obligation to have a so-called “Euro-Covid” pass declaring complete health. In connection with the above findings, we approached 3 variants:

  • We cancel stays with the date of arrival until June 30, 2020 and offer alternative options.
  • Stays with arrival date from 30.6. by 1.8.2020 will most likely be canceled.
  • Stays with an arrival date from 1.8.2020 remain unchanged for the time being, however, even there is a risk of cancellation.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your InterBohemia Agency team